Cutting hair

We cut Spencer’s hair last night. It was seriously traumatic for me. I LOVE his cute little curls (Drew doesn’t). So, the clippers and the scissors came out. He was shaking he was so afraid, but what’s done is done and now my little boy looks like a little boy. I’m so sad….

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  1. keri says

    well well . . .you’ve added a lot since the last time I checked. Glad to hear Disneyland went well . . .and esp. glad to hear about the job being safe! Do you think Connor took enough pictures with cartoon characters? I think my favorite is the one where he’s sticking out his tongue! Where are the pictures of Spencer’s haircut? I’m assuming you took pictures since you scrapbook every major event in the history of . . .your kids. well unfortunately I have hw so I better go. p.S. let your husband know that Chelsea got switched to English speaking and is majorly bummed, but trying her best to cheer up and help her not-so-good-with-english-b/c-she’s-from-cambodia companion.