The Home of Brotherly Love

It’s what I’m talkin’ about… Posted by Hello
I hate little kids and swings. They have no clue that under the proper hands a swing can be turned into a speeding bullet just WAITING to knock out teeth. I’ve been trying my hardest to prevent this, but sadly, I perhaps am more obsessed about keeping a good yard, rather than safety today. I saw Conner pulling back the swing, and Spencer standing there. Then, as if in slow-motion, “NoooOOoo… ” as the swing is released I dash over there, throwing off my gloves and shovel. Poor Spencer, the kid looks like he has a cleft pallate now. All we had were purple popcicles and he wasn’t a big fan. Where ARE the ice pops when I need them? Maybe in the freezer…. Ahh, feel the celestial love.

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