Over for dinner…

We had a new couple from our church over for dinner (ok, they’ve been in the ward almost a YEAR, but that’s new, right?). Frankly, it’s not something that Drew and I do a lot of — entertaining. WE’ve made a pact to do it more often, but I digress… It was so nice. I mean, it was just great to see our family from a different viewpoint. Perhaps realize that our kids aren’t he monsters that we sometimes get stuck into thinking they are. Think that we’re pretty snazzy for having bought a house — stuff like that. So, thanks for coming with a salad you guys… it was lovely.
P.S. Oh, and I bought the camera (YA-HoooOOOOOO) — even in a kit with some lenses and an extra battery and a memory card. I’m a lucky girl… love you Drew.

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