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So, our FHE (family home evening — we give a lesson and have treats, it’s a nice time to just be together as a family — it’s a Mormon thing) lesson this week was on being kind (and not being critical, although that was probably more for me than Conner). As I was reading the lesson I was thinking how awesome I am, and how I am rarely critical. I mean, I try to be nice to those around me and I rarely think really bad thoughts about anyone. However, since then I’ve been catching myself laughing at others being critical (and not saying something) or actually being a tad critical myself. I mean, last night at Enrichment we weren’t in love with a particular bread that someone brought (as a freaking VOLUNTEER… as if you should ever criticize VOLUNTEERS!!!). I mean, I should’ve said that I was glad someone brought bread and been done with it. It’s something I need to work on. Quite probably more than I need to work on my body.

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  1. says

    I think it is great that you are working on self-improvement. I, too, am working on being less critical. What I have noticed is that the person that I am hardest on is MYSELF. We need to be self-reflective, yes, but more forgiving of our selves as well.

  2. AMIE says

    So I just caught up on about 10 days worth of blogs and I got quite a few good laughs out of it…Thanks-and I am sure I must have burned some calories doing it so way to go.

  3. says

    Hello again! You are such a sweet girl. Love how you think of others and how you want to work on self improvment! Sometimes we worry about so many things…like our families and getting our work done and we forget how just something as simple as a smile can make a persons day! I always try to smile at a stranger when I’m out. And 95% of the time I get a huge smile back! There are a few people out there who just don’t wanna smile! :) Have a great day! adn put on a happy face!

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