Don’t Be a Nurse if you Want to Lose Weight

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Ok, they told us in nursing school that nurses have the highest weight gain of any occupation. The long nights, the time charting, the companionship of the other nurses around food. It’s nice. But, I really think it’s that we work and eat at random times. Today I had 1/4 of a bananna and a handful of teddy grahams. Then, we were headed to work and I knew I’d never get a break, so I had a togo’s sandwich (turkey and ranch, we’re not talking low fat here). Then, I got Taco Bell on my way home from work (which was 9:30). No breaks today, no lunch… nada. Just running. Running for 8 hours. At this time, I think about Oprah and how she doesn’t eat 2 hours before bedtime. You know what though, I’m fairly sure OPrah gets to eat 3 possibly even 4, meals a day… and no one dies if OPrah doesn’t do her job… Anyway, I think it boils down to the fact I’m trying. I ran with COnner to soccer today… so it was a bit of exercise and then I ran all night at work. My legs totally ache, and I’m sure I need more water, but I think I may need my bed more.

Bts sale 2015 long skinny
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    You know, I would guess that would screw up your metabolism majorly. I think you’re doing a great job, though! I still need to get biking…

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    Did you know that Oprah pays a man to stop her from eating foods that she shouldn’t have? She does. I imagine that if it were me I would fire him like 80 times a day.

    Foodguard: Kat, don’t eat that cake.

    Me: You’re fired. I’ll eat what I want.

    ahhh, to be Oprah…

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