Fred called me…

So, I’ve been trying to get into Creating Keepsakes magazine… well, forever (2 years) and they did call me once and it was a traumatizing decision to keep a Hall of Fame entry which I’d sweat blood over, or get in the mag (I chose HOF and didn’t win). This time it’s for a layout I truly love — it’s all artsy, just some of my most creative work (and it even has PINK on it… SHANNON). I was so happy when I finished… loved the way it looked, and I thought… maybe this will be the one. Well, Fred called yesterday and it was. And ya’ know… it’s bascially better than Prozac. I spilled salad ALL over myself last night at work, and was STILL happy (and I didn’t have enough money to buy another salad). Thanks Fred… Look for my layout in the November CK Idea Annual…

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Not a good Mom


  1. Julia says

    No doubt Fred is one awesome man. I wonder if he realizes he makes women swoon all over the world. Congratulations!! :-)

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