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So, someone at my work died. Not a co-worker, a patient. I wasn’t even there and I am still shocked. I mean, I joke around with Drew about showing him where the life insurance is and all that jazz, but do I really think it could happen. This girl was young, skinny, and sick, very VERY sick… but no one knew. Just some vomiting, some brain hemorrhages and some intensive care. She isn’t dead yet, courtesy of some machines, but maybe working out isn’t what my focus needs to be… loving my family and knowing that any time, it could be mine. of course, along with the fact that “it could’ve been me” comes “I could have been her nurse.” I mean, in labor and delivery things go smoothly, most of the time. It’s true, most people have some highly dramatic story about howt he nurses came in and turned them and told them to breathe for their baby (which, happens probably 80% of the time) but things happen fine, baby comes out, it cries (0r we give a little oxygen and things are fine). But, when things don’t go fine, someone’s mommy just died.

someone’s mommy

I know that I want to be around forever for my kids and I want the same for everyone else (forever, of course ending when I have to wear adult briefs, but that’s content for another blog). It’s just a reminder that I play a life and death game and that I’m playing referee sometimes. I need to take my job a tad more seriously.
End of story.

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    Yep…I’m always tending to hyperfocus on something or the other. *like scrapbooking maybe???* Then I wake up and realize I’m not there for my family like I need to be, and I really try to redo my priorities. Because what if I don’t have them tomorrow? Or they don’t have me?

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    Hey girl,
    Goes to show you how precious life really is! And that in a blink of an eye it’s gone! We must not worry, we are in the Lord’s hands but still it makes you sit back and think how blessed we are. We have family and friends who love us! I lost a close friend just over ten years ago. She was like a little sister to me…I dated her brother for five years…so we were close. She married my couisn so we still got to be family! Then one winter night…she was out with her firned shopping and they hit a patch of ice and hit another car head on! Both Anita and her friend died! My cousin Ken was left behind with three young children! They were 3, 1.5 and the baby was five days old! I cried for days… and kept asking the Lord why her? BUT it was her time! And I know she is living in heaven looking down with a smile! And gives us comfort! Life is fragile and we must never forget that! (On a happy note…the Lord blessed Ken with another wife and she loves those boys like they are her own and they have two more boys now. And Ken is such a strong man in his faith. I really feel blessed that he is my cousin I learned a lot from him.)

    Have a GREAT day… and live life large!

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    Wow – doesn’t that put everything into perspective? Everyday that we can lay our head on the pillow and have all our loved ones tucked in for the night is a blessing!

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