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Ok, so… I’m not quite the skinny gal I used to be. I’ll admit it, I was 115 pounds when I married Drew, and I am almost 80 pounds more than that right now as my fat buttocks sits in front of this computer (sigh, that is SERIOUSLY so depressing to me, and I’m glad that I’ve finally gotten it off my chest). SO, I’m going to do something about it. My friend Shannon and I have challenged each other to DO SOMETHING about it — I mean, even if you don’t lose a ton of weight, at least you feel like you’re doing something… right? So, each day I’m going to update how I’m DOING something, and how I feel about myself, and y’all can just drool with boredome as you read my blog. I’d challenge the rest of you to try (Elizabeth, Shannon, Dad… I know you’ve already started) and update me too. I am sure encouragement can only help us… right?
Anyway, today I walked with Conner and Spencer (Spencer in the stoller, Conner on bike — so we did stop a bit so he could tell me how HARD he was working) about 20 minutes… I’m sure it was less than a mile (sorry glum smile) but I’m going to try and increase (Conner was REALLY whining this morning, hence the short distance, also… he doens’t like to cross streets, which makes our routing a little interesting). BUT, I did run 3 of those blocks and if anything it reminded me HOW MUCH fat I have on my buns… since it all shakes vigrously as I “race” down the road. I do feel better about myself today, and I worked in the yard for about 15 minutes, doing some squatting as I pulled dead flowers off…
Ok… you guy’s turn now!

Bts sale 2015 long skinny
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  1. says

    Ok, I’m in!! I’ve got not excuses with my treadmill and Bowflex at home!! I did do my 30 min. on the treadmill and my 100 situps and tricep work afterwards. That’s my goal daily workout. In the afternoons we take a walk with Ash in the stroller and Dallin on the bike, but it is slow going. My problem is the food…any super fantastic ideas/recipes? We had delicious Korean BBQ Beef with rice and veggies last night. Unfortunately FHE required dessert and it was chocolate waffles with poached cherries and a dreamy whipped topping…hmmm

  2. says

    GREAT idea… I’m with you girls!
    I will have to dust off my treadmill and get my buns back on it! Have to starting cooking with more veggies and less meat! And start eating more fruit and drinking lots more water.
    As for recipe ideas…. WW has some great recipes…just check out their site!

  3. says

    Count me in too! I started The Big Fat blog this week. I am trying to do an Atkin’s type thing. I walk most days (some days I walk further and more furiously than others)

    Good luck, and I will be reading and rooting for you!


  4. shannon says

    Walked to the school, went around the track a bunch of times while the bigs rode bikes and littles rode in the stroller. Even sweated. Yay me.

  5. christine says

    a daily check-in is a nice idea.

    You don’t know me but…I took a slow walk with the kids to the park. Not enough, but better than just being a potato I figure.

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