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Ok, I run in to go potty for a jiffy just now and Conner’s toilet is DISGUSTING. I mean, how does it GET that way and I LIVE IN A HOUSE OF BOYS — am I doomed to have un-clean toilets for the rest of my life I ask you? Well, I’m mortified, and it’s all bleached clean now. I hope that anyone who has used it in the past bit will somehow find it in their hearts not to come wretch on my carpet.
Thank you.
P.s. I just notcied I have quite a few blogs on cleaning my bathrooms. I think that is perhaps an ididcator of a mental illness? Anyone?
P.P.S So, I just look over and someone’s hands are in his shorts with his “we-wee” (do you get the picture) poking out for all the world to see. Perhaps it’s time to ban shorts in our house. I’m not sure I could get over public mortification of THAT kind.

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    Welcome to the world of boys. Yes -you wil never know how your toilet gets so dirty and I don’t think you want to know. One Mom friend of mine got so sick of wiping the seat she has now trained her son to use those flushable wipes and wipe the seat himself – genious! Oh and by the way – boys tend to find non-toilet areas to pee so beware! We realized that the corner of our bathroom was not wet from the tub leaking (which we thought it had been for weeks)…needless to someone 43″ tall who lives in our house fessed up to the crime.

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