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So, yesterday we went to Great America, it was really fun. We even took a nanny (thanks Jessica) and she hlped out a ton, Drew and I even went on a few rides together. Obviously, I didn’t work out (per se) but I did drage 2 kids around a water park AND an amusement park. Plus, to get to the big water slides, you have to go-up like 3-4 flights of stairs, and I did that 3 times. Eating sucked (both out of my wallet and onto my hips), but I figure the work you do during the day basically cancels it out. Then, it was Mr. Chau’s for dinner (hanging head in shame). OH well
Now I am sunburned and drinking some Gatorade… in hopes I feel better.
Trying, trying, trying… And it’s on my mind all the time, which is a big step. I no longer say I don’t care… I just have some GREAT justifications in my mind. :)

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    What a fun day!

    We can’t eat the way we want to all the time. Life is life, it is not a diet. Just remember that you have to live in the real world not in diet world. You are a nurse, you are a mother, you are a a person who loves Mr. Chau’s (which sounds fantastic). Just make the best choices that you can when you can.

    And next time wear suncreen 😉

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    All kinds of justifications…that’s what I have. You know, I always fail at my diet and exercise programs because I try to go whole hog and am so hard on myself that I eventually just give up. And I have all kinds of justifications. I think you’re doing great at taking one thing at a time, and if you continue that way the justifications will eventually go away. I really need to learn that lesson.

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    Sounds like you had a good day! You are doing good! I’m sure you think before you eat. You are getting your exercise and walking in! Just remember little steps get us to our goal! It might not happen over night…but it will work! Don’t give up! Your blog always gives me a grin! Have a GREATTTTTT day.

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