Thinking about blogs…

Ok, now almost everything I do is about blogs. i mean, today I’m doing my hair and I’m thinking — did I clean the bathroom yesterday? And I look around and I can’t remember if I did or not, and I can’t really tell if it’s clean. I thought, WHAT A GREAT BLOG THAT WOULD MAKE! I mean, how big of a loser is that… Although it’s true — I go through the motions of things ALL the time and yet, I can’t even tell if anything’s really done. But, I mark it off my list and feel real grand about myself. Check me out…btw, I re-cleaned my bathroom if it hadn’t already been cleaned. Harumph

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  1. AMIE says

    WHOA you still get to do your hair?
    I’m thinking of shaving my head to save time in that area…