Don’t know about this one

I’m not sure if it’s the picture I’m not so sure about or all the blue… let me know what y’all think.

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  1. says

    Hilary– No, I am not done. I’m sorry I have been super super busy and now I am on vacation. I am travelling and it is hit or miss with the blog.

    I should have said something, I just got busy. Sorry. I will be back Aug 15th.

  2. Anonymous says

    Hey Hil! I like the page, but for me the caption is in a weird place. It makes it look like Spencer doesn’t have a nose. Would it work anywhere else?

    I’ve really enjoyed your blog. Thanks for putting your life out there for me to read!!

    Hey, how was your trip to Seattle? Last night I was laying in bed thinking what it would be like to have a job again and actually be able to just go to the grocery store without stressing. I can’t wait!!

    Love ya,