The Greatest Joy…

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So, I was at work last night, and me and a coworker (waiving to Barbara) were having a talk about something religious, not particularly sure what and she was saying that some people don’t want to have kids. I told her that I was one of those people. I mean, I found kids amusing and I figured they must be alright if their parents didn’t kill them, but I wasn’t all that jazzed about having my own. Of course, now I have two of my own and they truly are my greatest joy. I think that everyone who has kids finds it that way. I mean, initially, you might wonder what on EARTH you got yourself into… but then you slowly sink into your schedule adn realize that these little babes are what life is all about. They truly are my greatest joy and if I hadn’t had them, I wouldn’t know that kind of joy.

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    I really think we are kindred spirits. I mean, sometimes I feel like you’ve been looking inside my head…I totally wasn’t sure if I really wanted kids. I hated babysitting, don’t love other people’s kids so much (don’t tell anyone!!!!), but man, my own??? They are my life. I’m glad I didn’t listen to myself!
    And on top of all that, you love fettucine alfredo…we must meet someday!

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    I AM one of those “don’t wanna have kids” people. I love kids, I think that they are great. I love my neice more than anything. But I certainly to do NOT want to have to care for her 24-7.

    The only reason my cat is still alive is cause she reminds me to feed her…and even then, sometimes, well let’s just say if filling Mazzy’s bowl 3-4 times a week it too challenging. sigh.

    There really are some of us that don’t want em and don’t have em.
    I am glad that you are glad you changed your mind, as for me, I don’t think its gonna happen. Thank God.

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