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Ok, why is it that I pick to have a goal to work out when it just is NOT working. I was hoping to do something today, since I’m only working 8 hours, but now I think I have a UTI and I have to go to the doctor instead (tmi, I know)… but it seems like EVERY time I make my goal I get TOTALLY sick, or I am working 14 hour days.
I will PERSEVERE, even if I can only work out when it happens I’ll keep on trying. Tomorrow I work 12 hours (stupid computer class before work) and the next day we’re gonna go to Petamluma to the Mrs. Grossman’s sticker factory, and then over to the pier (!). Should be fun, I’m gonna try and watch what I eat and make myself be good.

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The Quest for perfection
Well, at least I'm not dripping sweat down my nasty marching band uniform today...


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    You guys sure do a lot together with you kids! That is awesome. It sounds like maybe the best “working out” plan for you may be to add things like taking the stairs or mall walking OR or maybe working out together as a family.

    You can do it!

    the new link to the big fat blog is here —>

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