The Quest for perfection

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Ok, so I just finished a book about how the wife was a hotel rater, and she was always searching for perfection in the hotels. Then, it carried into her life and she was judging her husband, wanting him to be perfect too! So… today I’m at the breaking point. It happens every summer. I think that Drew’s doing fine, the house looks OK, laundry’s getting done, and then one day I open cabinets, I find-out nothing’s been deep cleaned, and basically, in an essence he’s not me. I like things PUT AWAY. Everything. I want all surfaces to be clear. Now, mind you, we do not have a very big house. IT’s actually kinda’ small 1200 square feet. We love it, and I’ve tried to keep it organized (and I try to throw away everything that isn’t a necessity). Today though, I’m just thinking, “WHAT IS HE DOING ALL DAY” (which, btw, if he ever thought of me, I’d SLAP him — I work hard when he’s not home — and I am sure he feels the same way when I’m not here — dealing with the kids is enough to sap a person’s energy — and I want him to clean?). Anyway, I’ve realized that some things will only get done by me, even if it means I clean all day and then go to a 11 hour shift, stuff’s gott get done.
I’m babbling… shocking.

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  1. says

    hm, your house sounds scary clean.

    I am a really GOOD straigtener,but not such a great cleaner, and as for “deep clean” I am not sure what that is… :)

  2. says

    Hey I have those same thoughts. When I am at work M-W and Matt is home, our house is completely different (at least I think so) then on the days when I am home all day. I’ve learned to let it go but then I take it back once in a while and freak which never works. Just keep telling yourself – it is a good thing for boys to have a lot of time with their dad and they’ll be more balenced adults. That’ll make you feel better – that’s what I do.

  3. Amie says

    So yeah the other day I told
    Brandon I want him to go back to school. It came out a little cross but he messes up my grove for sure and with him and sydni home durring the day in the summer our little 1200 sq foot house it impossible to keep clean by myself. Pick up after yourselves people!

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