Well, at least I’m not dripping sweat down my nasty marching band uniform today…

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Ok, when I was growing up the 4th of July was HUGE. We’d have family over, we’d go to the parade, we’d put snaps under drill teams’ feet while they were in parades and get yelled at by their leaders… good times. Then, for a while I was in the HS marching band (that’s right, I was a DRUM MAJOR) and did that on the 4th, giant culmination of a lot of work — we used to run like a mile up the hills of Provo just to get ready for the event. AFter that my family would sit with another professor and scream funny stuff at all the political guys in the parade. Mucho funny. Today… no fun. I mean, we’re having friends over for a BBQ and we’re gonna go see the fireworks tonight (and I’ll probably sing a round of stadium of frire to myself)… no family, no parades… what a bummer. Anyway, I bought some of those fancy lighted necklaces in hopes to make it a tad more festive. Big fun.

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    I feel the same way…I mean what happened to the July 4th festivities? I was totally upset that there was no parade down here until Joel reminded me that the marching bands would keel over and die if they even attempted it. So we went miniature golfing and tried to find some decent fireworks to see without driving too far. Definitely not the Independence Day celebrations I remember!

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    Wow – got all excited thinking you were in a marching band or something! :-) You Utah people – all American, God loving, 4th of July celebrating people!

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    I had a great fourth, we went tubing down the river, barbecue, minor league baseball, and firworks. But then I don’t think anyone would accuse me of being a traditionalist ūüėČ

    I am super glad not to be sweating in a band uniform, that is for sure.

    I do wish I had worn even MORE sunblock though!

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