Back to our regular roles

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O’Connor called (that’s the hospital I mostly work at, for those non-bay area friends) this morning. I was practically beaming when I said I could no longer work day shift. “I was able to work them during the summer because my husband’s a teacher, but now he’s back to school.” Now, that probably won’t stop the 7 am wake-up calls (Rrrr….) but I was just sitting on the couch with my Spencer thinking how nice it is to be back to our “regular” roles — Drew going to work and me being at home. I don’t envy him working the 10 hour days (and I am fairly sure he doesn’t envy me being at home with these whiny kids) but it’s where we belong. However, gals, it’s nice to take the summer. He definately realizes what I go through every day (and, btw, he did a pretty good job at keeping the house fairly stable while I was at work — except dinners, I think the kids have had their fill of mac n’ cheese — perhaps something we can work on next summer) and I totally got a fill of what it’s like to work that often and that hard. The 14 hour days were killer and at least I got a massive paycheck out of it (did I mention the new chair-bed is coming today?) and Drew just have to be satsified with a “job well done.”
Anyway, here we are, back to our regular selves.

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The balancing act


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    You guys seem to do well with the balencing act. I think your boys will benefit in the long run from their summers with Dad being home and besides Mac n cheese won’t have any long term effects! :-)

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