Boring Thursday

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Went to the library, didn’t get in the “express” line, felt good about that.
Feeling like I should buy something online, kids are AWFUL and Drew’s gonna be home for like 1 hour today. Feeling lucky about the 1 hour. Feel like I need a treat, I’m resisting though.
I really want the Muppets season 1 DVDs, I LOVED the muppets when I was little, and I can’t find it anymore on TV.
I’m rambling here, but no one else has updated their blogs (uh-hem) I felt like I should at least do something.
Back to my regularly-scheduled blog blah.

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Hard times
The day never ends, and it's only 10:40


  1. says

    It’s the boring days that make us appreciate the not-so-boring ones. Or maybe that’s the other way around? I really like boring days lately.

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