Saturday, August 27, 2005

Can you judge someone by their grocery cart

Yes, my mom already makes fun of how often I go to the grocery store, but I just CAN NOT buy something at another store when I know I can get it cheaper somewhere else! After all, I'm living off a SCHOOL TEACHER's SALARY. Anyway...
So, today I went to Albertsons, and apparently, they had all the crap we like to eat (which, frankly isn't a lot) on sale. Cheetos, pringles (Conner LOVES the ones with the trivial persuit kids questions on them... and I'm sure that all the talking he does while eating them counteracts the bad calories in it), pop (which, we don't drink a lot of -- but they had 6 packs for a dollar, nice for friends when they come over), popcorn (love -- but I bought this particular variety for my mom), and some other crap. Anyway, as I stared at my cart prior to checkout, I was thinking what a loser I was and how someone might think that's all our family eats.
You can never judge a book by its cart... now, can you.
P.S. I turned-on comment verification so as to prevent the losers from leaving Blam (thanks for the word Lara) on my blog. I can't perpetuate their loser lifestyle.


  1. I am seeing how this whole comment thing works...

  2. checking it again... just wanting to feel like I have a lot of comments. :)

  3. I admit, I sometimes am guilty of looking at a person's shopping cart and thinking "Wow, all they eat is crap!" But, if you looked at mine the other day, you might have thought similar thoughts. I just have to take my beam out first, right?

  4. Gosh, I hope people don't judge me by my grocery cart - especially lately! Too much craving related food thrown in mine. Personally, I always hope to not run into anyone I know at the store so people don't see my junk food, my wild kids, or my grouchiness, hee hee.


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