Sunday, August 21, 2005

Fun in the Bay Area

Journaling: Since our family doesn't always get a lot of family time during the school year, we try to make the summer as "family-filled" as possible. This summer was more difficult, being that one of my job at the hospital were calling almost every day (filty lucre called). We still managed to do a lot of fun stuff. Here's just a short listing. Chuck-E-Cheese in Newark. One of the band parents gave us 40$ to this fine establishment, so we went-up and blew-it all on pizza and tokens. I think we even have enough tokens left for another day. In these pictures was our big trip to San Fransisco. Early in the day we went to the Mrs. Grossman's sticker factory (super fun) and then down to San Fransisco for lunch at Bubba Gump's and some fun at the pier. Drew's connections got us free tickets to Great America. We had a great time at the water park there, and then enjoyed the rides. We're so lucky to live in the Bay Area with all the fun things just a "stone's throw away." It is truly the greatest blessing about living here.


  1. Cool the column of journaling.
    Jealous of where you live.

  2. Cute! I like the stips of patterned paper. So simple but so cool.

  3. Anonymous10:36 PM

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  4. Love, love, love the red on the layout! I wish I lived there too!


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