It’s nursery day

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18 months is a day that all LDS parents count down to. We seriously had a count-down from like 20 weeks away. I mean, initially, bringing a baby to church isn’t so bad. They sleep (and Spencer slept in church for like his first year, which was MUCH better than his brother), they’re cute, and sometimes you can get out of a boring lesson if need be. However, that gets old after a year and a half, and it’s TIME FOR NURSERY oh YES it’s TIME FOR NURSERY! Frankly, I couldn’t be happier. And in usual Hilary tradition I snapped a photo of the special occasion. Thanks be to Karen Hovey and her willingness to work in the nursery.
On a side note, Conner is also giving a scripture in primary. It’s a big day all around.

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    I love nursery day! I too had a count down since I worked in there every sunday the kids came too, and well the count down was a lot shorter.!!! congrats to Spencer on his First day of nursery. I love the name Spencer. We were going to name a boy Spencer, but we had a girl! So Charity it was…

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