Thursday, August 11, 2005

My mind is thinking...

My SECOND new layout of the day. I really like this one -- the weird embellihsment on the right is cardstock wtih ribbon wrapped on it. The picture was developed by MPIX and I think it's one of the best I've ever taken, and MPIX just made it SMASHING, SERIOUSLY smashing. Love this picture. As always, jouranling is below: Posted by Picasa
******* He's 4, going on 5, maybe 6So many people say their kid is 3, going on 30 or whatever, but Conner just seems to be 4 (almost 5), going on just a tad older. He never seems to think he's better or smarter than anyone else. He's sure of himself with his answers, his reading, his life. He knows that smoking is wrong and that going to church is right. The kid's got it goin' on.He's in this crazy phase right now where every once and a while he'll say, "my mind is telling me ____________." Like, tonight we were eating chicken and he said, "my mind is telling me not to eat the black parts." -- totally out of left field. I asked him if his mind talks to him, and he said yes. Complete innocence, so sweet. So, as you enter the big life of a 5 year old Conner I send you off with a little toast, "my mind says that you are going to succeed, but you've gotta keep listening -- to your mind, your heart and the spirit."


  1. Wow - awesome layout! I love those vibrant colors and amazing photo. Okay, you've got to email me (or post) info about MPix - is that an online place. Also, how did you do the titles on black. Is that when you use the fill feature in Microsoft or whatever?

  2. That is the cutest thing ever!! Love what comes out of their mouths!!

    On a side note - what is MPIX because your photo looks awesome?


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