My “new” bathroom

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Ok, so it’s not “new” but it’s definately improved. I have long not partiucularly liked that bathroom. The bath toys, the boys that infest it… that kind of thing. Plus, we had nasty mats in there that didn’t match, nor did the towels match. So, yesterday, since my mom’s here, I decided to go on a search for mats and towels. AND, something to hold the bath toys in. The mats are from Kohl’s and the towels are actually the old ones from our bathroom (which is now red and yellow). The bath toys are in a little thing from Bed Bath and Beyond (shown here). It’s got super-fancy suction on the back. i am thinking our shower wall will come down quicker than the bath toy thing (which, perhaps isn’t saying much). So, until we have the chance to re-do the bathroom, at least I think it looks smashing in the meantime.

Bts sale 2015 long skinny
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