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The new chairbed (frankly, I think that’s practically the worst name ever… so I will hereafter refer to it as the sofa) came. The reason it has that gosh-awful name is that it folds-out into a twin bed (nice, since none of our family lives around here, we’d like to have somewhere for people to sleep). Although I hate the couch we have in the living room, this one is for the playroom, for reading on playing on and basically just loving. It’s out of a greenish chenille fabric which I LOVE in the room. And, it comes with a 7 year Macey’s guarantee against any stains, any problems in the fabric OR any problems with the bed mechanism. Boy, are we lucky! Some of my more adept blod readers may notice that we took the lovely white plastic shelves out of the playroom and bought a new set of drawers from Ikea. We’re just movin’ on up — new bath rugs, X-ing the plastic shelves. Next comes the gold leafing. :) Seriously, I’m really happy with it.

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