Our VERY OWN Hilary

So, I’m teaching Enrichment tonight (for those of my friends who aren’t educated in the Mormon way… this is a night that women get together, and we have little seminars about topics, tonight’s being scrapbooking and making fruit something-or-others, mostly a time for women to get together) on scrapbooking. I’m concerned that there will be rotten eggs and tomatoes tossed at me, but I’m dealing with those emotional issues on my own. Most of my friends don’t invite me to crops, because they don’t want to feel like their pages aren’t good enough, and I NEVER want someone to not scrap because of that. Anyway, most of my class is about why you scrap and meaningful journaling, and I’ve thrown-in a lot of my older layouts to show (I made a DVD of layouts to demonstrate what I’m talking about) so hopefully it won’t be overwhelming. So, if there’s someone in my ward that’s reading this and saving some rotten eggs or fruit, please put it in your green bin, thanks.

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