Friday, August 05, 2005


So... I just happened to catch the Today show this morning. I don't ususally get more than the highlights of the news and then turn it off. But, today there was a story about a woman who photographs terminal children. I was so touched by it. I sat on the couch with tears streaming down my face. I know the pain of a mom whose baby is only going to live a few moments. I know how important photos are. I was thinking this is something we shoudl have a resource for at ths hospital -- a photographer willing to come capture those last few precious moments. I doubt it would ever happen. But, these photographs that this woman took were amazing. It wasn't just newborns, any terminal child, and the photos had them by themselves, and interacting with their parents. It was just amazing, and seeing how these parents cherished these photos. It reminded me why I scrapbook and why everyone else should.


  1. That would be an amazing service if a hospital could offer that. I agree that's why scrapbooking is so important - life passes so quickly.

  2. That is cool - what a gift. Hmm a little birdy told me that a person with the initials SM is wanting to start a photography business.


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