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So, tonight we went to a reception. Very fun, very casual, wish mine had been more like that… anywho. Saw one of my old YW there (YW stands for Young Women, fyi), she has either swallowed a watermelon or something else has happened. I am hoping it’s the watermelon (because you can eat that, you don’t have to nurture it). I went up and talked to her. I asked her what was up, she said nothing. I asked her how life was, she said good. She gave me a hug, I said if she needed anything, to call me. She said she has my number.
I feel like a dweeb. Me and this particular YW and a long talk about sex (I hope I can say that on this blog), and I thought I was explicit. I mean, I was explicit. There’s few things that make me blush, so I went past all those things. I just wish I’d made at least enough of a connection that she would ask for help. I mean, it’s my job — pregnancy is my job. However, she still seems to be on the path that it’s a watermelon and no one needs to know because she didn’t even mention it.
Cute girl, has big future in front of her. Love her.

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    WOW – I don’t know what I would have done if I ran into one of my HS (now college) girls. I don’t think I could have been discreet like you were about – I probably would have embarrassed us both with my shock. But you know people make their choices and sometimes those shocking choices actually brings them closer to God. He can work with a humble heart and for some people it takes more not great choices to get there.

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    That’s a hard one – when we see people we care about making choices that aren’t the best. Sounds like you did a good job handling the encounter.

    And just so you know – mine IS a watermelon. I’m looking forward to enjoying it at a BBQ in a few weeks here. :)

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