The Craziness of Marriage

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My friend just called and she was just so frustrated. I can totally feel her pain. Marriage is SO crazy. I mean, would you ever take 2 people from TOTALLY different walks of life, put them together JUST Because they’re in a crazy thing called love and expect them to THRIVE. Never fight, never disagree… and get along ALL the time. HELLO, NO.
I mean, I really think it’s a miracle that we get along at all after a year. I am not saying that getting along with my husband is hard, by any means. He is possibly the most patient personality with my crazy emotional-ness. However, we come from VERY different families, and we both have jobs, and we have two boys.
I am grateful for our temple marriage that reminds me that God is a partner in this marriage and with his help I know we can overcome anything.

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    My husband and I have had a pretty rough go our entire marriage and it came to a head about a year and a half ago. It came to a point where it was either call it quits or keep truckin’. I spent a lot of time in the temple at that time and realized that I was still supposed to be with him. I hadn’t had any doubts when I first married him…why should I now, just because the road had been rocky. We have turned things around and this past year has been the best year of our marriage. Marriage is definitely the hardest thing I have ever had to do, but it is also so fulfilling when you start “getting it right.” I am sure that it will take us MANY MANY years and many more tears to get it right, but we belong together…that I know. And I will stay with him through all of it until we get it right!!!

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    Which is EXACTLY why it makes me so sad to see so many marriages ending because they weren’t the fairy tale they were “supposed” to be. It is hard work, and any happily married person will always tell you that. It isn’t all magic and fireworks and romance. But it is the work you put into it that makes it totally worthwhile.

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