Thursday, September 22, 2005


I took my ACLS (advanced care life support -- it's the class where we learn how to shock people and play like we're on ER). I took it with about 8 other nurses from Regional and it was fun to see everyone. However, in the last hour week take a couple of tests (multiple choice) and they had a proctor until most of the smart people (at least they're smart in this area, because they use it more often than we do) had left. Then, the proctor left and boy, did my compadres start talking amongst themselves.

I was thoroughly disappointed. Nary a peep when the proctor was there and I know that several people were discussing answers once the proctor left.

Now, I knew there were questions I was missing (aka, had NO idea on) and perhaps I'd have to take the test again after I turned my answer sheet in... but seriously?

It's interesting to think that God is always watching us, but they seemed to be more interested in the proctor.

So, I passed and the drama's over for 2 years. Interesting to note human nature though, and I'm always in that class.

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  1. Glad you took the high road. At least you remember that God is watching.


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