Judgement day

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So, my friend swore in her blog. If anyone was in my mind they’d think I was a sailor instead of a pseudo-stay-at-home mom — for I think much more than I say. I have edited my tongue quite a bit from my days working at the nursing home. Something, in fact, that I am proud of.
However, when I heard about the comments I had some thinking to do. When I hear someone swear (or hear about some lacivious sin or {gasp} see them smoke {double-gasp) I fear that I may make judgements about their actions as well. It’s not as if my friend was out in the middle of the road spewing words like a hose, but she had a VERY trying day. So, instead of thinking gosh, her life must suck, how can I help (and yes, Dr. Robbins I did just use the word suck… deal) we think, “I really wish she wouldn’t say that… I’m going to tell her how bad she is so she doesn’t do it anymore.” And, although I doubt that whoever made the comment to my friend started off to make her feel bad, in part it was the end result. I know that the person who made the comment lives miles away but I know for a FACT that asking how you can help someone out in a sorry situation has GOT to be more Christlike than telling them that a particular decision they’ve made has been a bad one.
So, in closing I’d like to hope that I would look a tad more inward, realize that people make mistakes, that it’s not particularly my job to point them out but that it IS my job to help them. Period.

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  1. amie says

    I have two things to say about this blog. If you go to sacrament mtg (or any public place for that matter) and there is a poor lady wrestling roudy children by herself instead of complaining about the irreverence of sacrament mtg.just offer your help. Secondly, I swear in my head all the time it’s just one word and it didn’t start till I got here to this town where every woman’s husband is an A**. There just isn’t a word that fit’s better than this. Make’s me appriciate mine more.

  2. says

    My grannie used to say, “don’t judge a man until you’ve walked a few miles in his shoes.” Hilary, thanks for being bold enough to share this reminder.


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