Just when you think…

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Ok, just when I wrote my non-judgmental blog last night, I came home from Enrichment and totally judged the class. Now, it WAS the class, mind you, and not the person, but I feel badly anyway. I totally could’ve had a better attitude in the class, and taken away a few morsels, or even tried what she’d said, but instead I just sat there thinking. Are you SERIOUS, use a FLASH?
So, I’m gonna try and use my flash more often. And perhaps even shoot in direct sunlight. Of course, my children don’t pose, so that’s not even a question.
And now, perhaps a little attention to Spencer, instead of the blog. :)

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  1. says

    Just goes to show….it isn’t so easy to walk the walk. And all the more reason why we should try very hard not to judge others. hard, though. I wish I were perfect. {sigh}

  2. says

    I have such a hard time not judging other people too. Comments just seem to jump into my mind before I can stop them. One of my goals too is to really work on that.

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