Friday, September 02, 2005

A little update

The Grass: You'll be glad to know that although you can see a few streaks of where I went a little heavy with the grass killer, so far -- basically still green. I hope it stays that way. Please keep my grass in your prayers.
School: I know it's only the first week, but I don't have a clue what private schools could be offering these kids that Conner's teacher isn't already doing. She's great, I love her... can't get enough of it all.
Spencer: Today we read books, did a few letter flashcards and we learned how to say A. That's right folks, he's saying the word A. Not with any particular flashcard, but he's saying it... and in my book that's progress. We also played a bit and did a round of ring around the rosey. Big fun.
So, basically the week is going swimmingly. Hope yours are too!

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