Loser of the flies

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So, ok (happy Amie?) my friend Shannon (keep going Shannon) made me consider joining flylady. And besides the tons of email (and I’m talking tons here, no small amounts) it’s kind of great. Of course, thanks to my mom I’m already partially fly-lady in that I have certain chores set for each day so that I don’t feel overwhelmed by housecleaning all at once.
So, tonight I’m home alone (feel free to come find me all the bad guys out there) and I decide i’m gonna do my “zone” for today and then I see I’ve already gotten my zone email for tomorrow — and it’s cleaning under my sink. I’m wondering how I’m gonna do that with Spencer around. So, I decide to do both zones tonight. That’s right ladies, I spent a perfectly good Thursday afternoon cleaning out my baggie drawer and under my sink. And, I was even happy when I was done.
I’m thinking that Drew needs to quit trombone choir, but as I look at my life I wonder why he’s home at all.

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  1. says

    Are you gonna make me want to try Flylady again? Because the emails nearly killed me the first time. But I need a better, cleaner house….{sigh}

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