Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Martial Law

First off, why do I get so peeved that other people haven't changed their blogs (ah, hem... lagraphic) when I haven't changed my own in a timely manner. The mote is in my own eye, if you kwim.
So, this is Conner. This is Conner on a serious "testing" phase of his life. I took these pictures the other day in an attempt to show some attention and love. It was obviously useless. Of course, after much pondering I realize the problem is with me. I've become lax, I let things slide and then I've just pushed the showball that starts the inobedient avalanche. Mountains of inobedient crap hurtling towards me until I have to send-up a parachute and send my "find me" signal. After digging myself out after school I realize that martial law is in order. No sass, no disobedient actions. Nothing. So, get out your guns, the martial's in town and we'd better reinforce the naughty chair because these times, they are a changin'.


  1. Martial law is good....I fall into the same trap. Things are okay so I don't discipline every single infraction. And then, one day, I pay for it dearly. Good for you.

  2. Oh...Lagraphic updated her blog.

  3. Cute! Can the marshall come over to my house? :-)


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