Thursday, September 08, 2005

Telling someone they're wrong

So, last night we had a 28 weeker deliver, and then the doctor went-in and was telling her all the things she did wrong (in some ways to cover his buns, I'm guessing). I just thought how inappropriate to make her think that this is all her fault. Sometimes babies just ocme. Period.
I was thinking then, about how I do this fairly often. I mean, when something bad happens, trying to decide what you did wrong or what the other person did wrong isn't what you should be doing in the moment. I see that a lot with the hurricaine. People being on TV and complaining, instead of inviting people into their homes. I know that later, you need to sit-back and perhaps reflect on what could have been done better.
And, obviosuly being mad does nothing.
So, for all the times I've done this to Drew, I'm sorry.
And now, it's time for a nap my friends....


  1. I can't believe a doctor would do that, when she is in such a fragile emotional state (I assume) as it is. I agree...something we probably all need to do a little better.
    Hope you enjoy your nap.

  2. Wow just had an instance that happened yesteday where someone harped on me for a mistake I made. Makes you feel pretty low especially when you try really hard. Hope the baby is okay...

  3. That's so sad to hear - especially for a mom in that situation! I can only imagine how stressed out she already feels. I sure hope that poor baby will be okay too.


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