Things I wish My Husband Knew…

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As I was strolling back from dropping Conner off at Kindergarten this morning I was thinking that I Wish Drew would take a sick day so he could just understand how CRAPPY it is to get them to school… But, then I was thinking that it wouldn’t be the same. Sure, the first day of school was fine. All excited, had my plan, Conner was excited etc. He would never know what it’s like to do it day in and day out… The never-ending monotony of this job is what kills a person.
Of course, I wonder what it was that he wished I knew. I’m sure it’s hard to go to work every day. I did work a lot during the summer, and I found it tiring, but the most tiring part was knowing I’d have to come home and mother.
There’s no way we can walk in one anothers shoes or really feel the same feelings as the other person does, because we’re different.
And that’s ok…..
P.S. Anyone remember my dreadful Safeway saga? The store manager (who is apparently new) called me this AM to apologize. Perhaps I will visit the safeway on Homestead and kiely again, but probably only in emergencies. :)
P.P.S. Band parents calling at 7 am is NOT ok. I’d like everyone who’s reading this to think WOULD YOU CALL YOUR KIDS TEACHER AT 7 AM? Maybe if your kid was , but sheesh people… I can really only take so much.

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    Yeah…it was funny cause when I was at the scrapbook thing, Joel called me at 7:30 am totally stressed asking me where the keys were. (turns out I took them in my purse….oops…good thing there’s a spare.) He called me later and said “I don’t know how you do this every morning!” But, I need to give him the same consideration, you’re right. I don’t always understand how hard his days can be sometimes.

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    You are so funny, Hilary!!! Mark is watchign both kiddos for a few hours this Saturday and he told me last night that he was dreading it! He’s a competent man, but sometimes they just don’t seem to realize how hard it is to get 2 kids (and yourself) all ready to go! Bah on those 7 am calls, though!!

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