When someone cleans to much…

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Ok, thought I’d get a jump on the game tonight, get the bathrooms cleaned since I’m gonna be at school with Conner much of tomorrow (I’m helping in the early morning and then it’s the Teddy Bear Picnic in the afternoon — big stuff!). Anyway, toilet cleaner slipped, toilet cleaner sprays all over the toilet seat and lid. I figure it’ll be fine, and I’ll wipe it off in a minute when I come to clean the toilet (I let the cleaner sit for a minute). So, now our toilet set has blue streaks where it has eaten away into whatever surface is on the actual toilet seat. I’m not so proud of this. BUt, I wanted you all to know, that if you spill it, clean it up fast. Apparently porcelin is all that can take it.

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    You got me to look at the Flylady thing and now I’M getting all the email…but enjoying a bit more organized and clean house. Sorry about the stain…it’ll always be a good story. BTW, I finally figured out my blog password and am back on!

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