The work-out blog is back on

Ok, summer’s over. Sad to say. Spencer, for instance, is crying right now. Anyway, now that I’m not working like a banshee, and Conner’s rooted into school I am ready to resume my weight-loss regimen. Today, I walked 25 minutes. I feel moderately sweaty, and my legs are tingling in all the right places. Burn, baby burn. Anyone else do anything they’d care to share?
On a sadder note, Spencer fell asleep on our little walk, and I am hoping he’ll still go down this afternoon. He’s too little to think that’s a nap… right? It was like 10 minutes, if that.
I also noted that I am not particularly fond of people that don’t take care of their yards. I understand if it’s in process (because ours was for a copule months this summer) but SHEESH… do SOMETHING. Just cover it with bark.
Anyway, I think I’ve been judgemental enough for this morning. I’m gonna make me and the Spencer dude some lunch.

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