Sunday, October 02, 2005

Brother Joseph

I admit, with a lot of regret, that I have had a very hard time sharing the story of Joesph Smith with my friends. I understand how implausible it seems -- that a 14 year old boy, went into a wooded area and came-out after seeing God and knowing that His gospel would be revealed to him. Who on earth could believe such a story, and THEN base their life on it.
Well, me, that's who. As the choir, today, sang "Praise to the Man" I marveled at th video. Joesph Smith was a man, a human being, with faults and a love of laughter and joy. I love that he loved to play with kids and have a good time.
However, he did bring the true gospel to this earth. A 14 year old boy had the true gospel revealed to him, and he implemented it on the earth and then died for his cause. I know he is a prophet of God and that he saw God. I know this without any doubt in my heart whatsoever.
And, I just wanted to tell all of you.
If any of you are wanting to know more about Joseph Smith you can comment and I can send you a video. It doesn't push the church, but it does tell what happend that day in the woods. It also has a lot of great shots of woodland creatures (which is Conner's favorite part).
I just found, on a great sonopsys of the Joesph Smith Story... in case you're interested.
The Joseph Smith Story


  1. Loved the story of the missionaries that President Monson told. Lots of people believe (know) it is true.

  2. Anonymous8:26 PM

    Praise to the man...Joseph Smith is my HERO =)love Hot chic. That probably still gives it away.

  3. Thanks for your great posts all the time. It's such a blessing to know there are others out there that share my same beliefs. Joseph Smith is my hero too!


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