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I admit, with a lot of regret, that I have had a very hard time sharing the story of Joesph Smith with my friends. I understand how implausible it seems — that a 14 year old boy, went into a wooded area and came-out after seeing God and knowing that His gospel would be revealed to him. Who on earth could believe such a story, and THEN base their life on it.
Well, me, that’s who. As the choir, today, sang “Praise to the Man” I marveled at th video. Joesph Smith was a man, a human being, with faults and a love of laughter and joy. I love that he loved to play with kids and have a good time.
However, he did bring the true gospel to this earth. A 14 year old boy had the true gospel revealed to him, and he implemented it on the earth and then died for his cause. I know he is a prophet of God and that he saw God. I know this without any doubt in my heart whatsoever.
And, I just wanted to tell all of you.
If any of you are wanting to know more about Joseph Smith you can comment and I can send you a video. It doesn’t push the church, but it does tell what happend that day in the woods. It also has a lot of great shots of woodland creatures (which is Conner’s favorite part).
I just found, on a great sonopsys of the Joesph Smith Story… in case you’re interested.
The Joseph Smith Story

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    Thanks for your great posts all the time. It’s such a blessing to know there are others out there that share my same beliefs. Joseph Smith is my hero too!

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