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So, my friend Shannon’s a “garden girl” . She’s basically the best scrapper I know… and I’m TOTALLY happy for her, but of course, I am feeling a little anxious about my life in the scrapbook world. Sometimes, because I am a fool, I do those sorts of things. I fear that I’ve mad my life into one giant competition at times, always wanting to be the best at everything.
Anyway, we were talking about how I get recognized at Costco by my patients at the hospital, and they always say they’ll always remember me and that I did a great job, but sometimes I forget what a HUGE deal I really am.
Can any of you remember your labor nurses? I have been lucky both times and have really felt that my nurses came through for me. Helped with the pain and made a difference. In fact, I am a better nurse because of my first nurse who “fudged” my exam to get me an epidural a tad earlier. Many, many women have been helped by her little gesture.
Of course, at times I am sad I don’t get any “free” product from these hours at work (Shannon’s quick to remind me that by the hours I work I could buy a whole store-load). Today, however, my sweet patient gave me a candle. A very YUMMY, YUMMY smelling candle. She’s a candle distributor, and now, this isn’t the first gift I got, but for some reason tonight it was special. Her husband handed it to me and thanked me for being so great. And for a moment I realized that it didn’t matter that I’m not the best labor nurse in the world, but that I truly make a difference every time I dawn those scrubs and that I need to leave scrapbooking where it is, a hobby. Because, for the 8 (or less) hours together I really am the best labor nurse they have.
In other news, Spencer is the cutest monster EVER. More on that later.

Bts sale 2015 long skinny
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    Man – I thank God for the labor nurses I had with both my births. Because I had a really bad one during the first part with my first son Timmy and then an Angel came and took over and saved me from completely losing my mind. I loved my nurse with my second one too. It went so fast and my poor husband didn’t know how to help so I would yell out help me – help me and she would come over and actually help me. I am sure you are a great nurse – I know I would so appreciate your sense of humor if I was one of your patients!

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    That’s HUGE recognition! You are the BEST nurse I know! My L&D nurse with Bria was great…I don’t remember her name though. The one with Chloe was not so great. (didn’t believe I was really in labor….) Of course, when Chloe came out less than a half hour later, I think I made a believer out of her. :)

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    Totally remember my nurses (even the psycho anti-formula nurse with Ashton!) and how great they were to me. I even wrote down all their names and sent thank-you notes to them after we’d gone home. I know I’d be happy if you were my next nurse…you’re right to feel good about it.

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