The Life Cycle

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As I found myself down on my hands and knees trying to get the bean plants out of our garden (btw, only gonna do 1 plot of garden next year, it seems to be the only one that gets enough sun, and it’ll be easier to water). I was looking at ALL the leaves and just thinking how we’ll have new plants next year. It truly is amazing how things grow back.
I remember when my Uncle Randy died. We had just had Conner. He brought an ounce of pleasure into what was a very sad time. I remember being intrigued that life stops and life starts and there’s nothing we can do about it. Of course, I’m reminded of that myself every time I work.
So, to the bean plants I say adieu, knowing that soil will be fertile for new plants next year.

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    Wow so profound today! :-) YOu must be in a very realxed and reflective mood to give so much credit to your old bean plants – hee hee. But on a serious note – I’ve heard when one is taken another blessing is given in its place. That happened to me – when my Mom dies I was pregnant with Timmy – God knew I would need him to get through such a hard time.

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    It reminds me how the girl in my ward whose baby died….she just had another baby a few weeks ago, and she says it is really helping her deal with the loss much better.
    It’s the life cycle…

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