Tuesday, November 01, 2005

How can something SO tiring be SO GREAT?

Ok, I love Halloween. I love that our family spends time together. I love dressing up (and dressing my kids up is even funner than it was dressing myself up). I love seeing my neighbors and friends. And I love seeing my neighbors and friends kids dressed up. I tried to make it clear to Conner that we would always use our imaination to think of a great costume and not just be creepy and scary. I abhore (sp?) creepy and scary.
Spencer.... Spencer. I LOVE SPENCER. He is SO CUTE. Every time we went to someone -- "teet-teet" (trick or treat) and then "thankou" (thank you)... serious HANDFULS of candy for the cuteness. More than he'll ever consume. I melted every house or car we went to. I have some photos on the camera of last night and the halloween parade at Conner's school.
Maybe it's melting that makes me tired... you can really only love your kids so much.

1 comment:

  1. Definitely the melting...I can only take so much of adoring their cuteness before I'm exhausted. :)
    Seriously, Halloween is a blast, but I am sure glad it's only once a year.
    Love the new banner, BTW. I really am going to have you help me with one...yes. soon. really.


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