Tuesday, November 15, 2005

I'm not cut-out to teach Kindergarten.

I just got back from helping out in Conner's class. Really, I do very little, but i like to sit and observe, see what Mr. Conner's doing in comparison, and help-out where I can (today I cut turkey bodies, check me out). That woman (Mrs. Ross) is a SAINT. I have NO idea how she does her job EVERY DAY. I'd be so frustrated, ALL THE TIME. There's so many abilities, and nationalities, and languages and OMG... anyway, hats off to teachers of all sorts, but I think Kindergarten's a special breed.
A round of applause....


  1. I completely, 100% agree.

  2. I always thought I'd like to be a teacher when I was younger...now that I have kids, I'm sooo glad I didn't choose that field :p


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