Tuesday, November 15, 2005

It has Come to my Attention

So, after further investigation, I have found-out that it isn't just weirdos that read my blog, but some fairly normal people. I would like to give a disclaimer.
This is MY blog. I started it because it's a nice way to vent my feelings, tell what's happening in our family, and it's fun. I always wanted to be a writer, but being the sensible gal I am, I chose nursing.
Sometimes my thoughts may be offensive to others. Please comment if you disagree with me. PArt of the greatness of blogs is getting everyone's opinions.
While I considered changing my blog address I decided not to. I don't think that I'm THAT offensive-- and you can always block the address on your own.
You are choosing to read, I am choosing to write... now just be sure to leave COMMENTS.


  1. Wahooo! Cant' wait for the offensive posts! I need some excitment in my life!

  2. Here's my favorite BY quote: "It is the fool who takes offense when none is intended and a bigger fool who takes it when it was." I must have missed something but so far, I've never seen anything to cause grief on your blog, Hilarry! I love that you visit mine too!!


  3. comment

    I crack myself up :p


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