Thursday, November 10, 2005

A Little Ego Stroke

Ok, so the CK school page call has gone out and I am so disappointed. I totally thought one of my MANY pages of Drew's school pictures would get taken... nada.
Then, I was wondering why I care about what people think so much. I mean, all of my friends love my pages. My kids love my pages. My husband loves my pages.
Why do I care that people in my ward didn't want me to throw the shower?
Why did I want to SCREAM when a pediatrician made a comment on how I deliver babies (long story).
I can not take criticism people, and I obviously can't take failure. Or why do I even SEE it as failure, at least the scrapbooks are there... they're scanned and they're always availble for perusing by a curious Conner.
Anyway, if anyone has anyhting nice to say about my scrapbook abilities, feel free to post here.
Does anyone feel like they don't want to cry when somenoe says something halfway not-nice. Even as just, constructive criticism, and how does a person get over it.
Does this blog make sense. Well, if it doesn't, I wouldn't suggest telling me... I may take it to heart.


  1. Okay...
    First, I think you are an awesome scrapbooker...I love your style, that's why you're my friend (because I found your gallery one day and the rest is can add sappy violin music to that thought if you'd like.)
    Second, I used to fall apart at criticism...and sometimes I still do, especially if my mom or my husband give it. But notice they are the most important people in my life (and the kids...but I choose to ignore their criticisms for now as they are too young to know what they are talking about.)
    Being a music major cured me of that. I have learned to just choose whose to believe and then learn from it, and whose to ignore because, like my kids, they don't know what they're talking about. And unlike my kids, their opinions don't really matter to me.
    Third: None of that applies if I have PMS.

  2. Your scrapbook pages are the envy of many who wish they had even a small portion of your talent. Scrapping isn't your job, it's a passion...if those who love you most enjoy your work, then who cares about the others looking to judge you on some criteria based on something other than heart. Your pages have heart and that's something to be proud of.

    As for criticism in general, its always hard to hear, I think. I'm terrible at receiving it because everything I do I try to do my best and criticism seems to say, "It wasn't very good"...when in reality that's not necessarily what it means. You are at least good enough to put your talents out there on display! That's brave! You're not alone in having your feelings hurt....hang in there.

  3. The scrapbooking thing I think is a vicious cycle. You work really hard on them - want recognition and sometimes you don't get what you expect - so then you work even harder etc. Honestly I think a lot of it is a roll of the dice and a popularity game (as far as publishing). And you HAVE done great getting published. You have a great style!! Criticism is hard to take (I hate even thinking about the possibility of being criticized). So you are not alone!

  4. If we're hard on ourselves doesn't it usually mean we are hard on others? Maybe we just start not being so hard on others and it rubs off on our attitudes about ourselves.

  5. I know what you mean about getting criticism (or even just lack of praise) - it's NOT fun! I love your layouts SOOOOOOOOO much - which is how I found you on 2Peas too - so take heart because I have a feeling there are so many of your fans out there. Can't comment on the baby delivering thing though if I could've gone to your hospital when I had my baby I definitely would have requested you!


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