Thursday, November 03, 2005

My new battery organizer

Ok, so I didn't get a call for the Simple Scrapbook Celebrations book... but I DID get a new battery organizer this morning. 9.97 at the Home Depot. I am in love with it. I am always worried that we don't have the right batteries we'd need if we were truly in an emergency. And now, I know. Of course, it doesn't have enough slots for the AA and AAA that we have... but those can be left in the packaging. But, I now know we have MORE than enough 9V and need some more D's. And we're good on C's. Makes me have peace of mind. As my friend Lara said, it's my own personal zoloft. Oh, and it has a battery tester... did i mention the TESTER. Big fun gals, BIG fun... now, for Drew to screw it into the wall...


  1. Oh I remember the first time I saw one of these and I just looked on coventing one for myself. Only topped by the day we finally got one of our own. I know your glee!

  2. OK, feeling woefully unprepared for an emergency situation now :p Who knew they made battery organizers?? Not me...until now, lol.

  3. Cool organizational products are always a pick me up in my book. I may have to get one of those myself.


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