Friday, November 11, 2005

Weirdos Reading my Blog

Ok, so I was at a church party tonight (pie baking contest, really funy... btw) and one of our church "leaders" (ie, someone in the bishopbric) said he'd read my blog. I am fairly sure he's lying, but I feel mildly violated. I wouldn't feel at ALL violated if he left a comment... but somehow lurkers freak me out, the same way they'd freak me out if I found them in my car late at night after a shift.
So, everyone that comes to my fine blog... please comment. Tell me how crazy I am and that you visited. Say hello... SOMETHING. Capiche? Capiche. (or, tell me how bad I spell... always an option on MY blog). Oh, and Garth... welcome to my blog, it rocks.


  1. I visited and I think you're crazy.
    No....I know how you feel about the lurkers...although some of my friends will tell me that they liked my blog, only one or two have EVER actually commented. So I'm left to wonder who the heck is reading my blog!

  2. Hilary - I don't read much or visit often, but I really like to see the header photo you use. I did read this blog, though, because it was titled "Weirdo" and I identify with that! I've told Leslie that she needs to figure out how to set our blog up like yours. One day it will be as beautiful as yours!

  3. Anonymous2:18 PM

    Hey, I ain't no weirdo. this my first time visiting a blog believe it or not. I love your scrapbook pages! Thanks again for the beautiful pictures!

  4. Ok I confess I'm a lurker that always reads but never posts. Just didn't know if I was invited to post.. you know since we don't know each other IRL. But I'm assuming we'd be friends. You seem cool and I found you through Leslie's blog and Leslie rocks, and you scrapbook and you're on two peas... so there is every reason to assume that we'd be friends :)

    Anyway I understand the creepiness of not knowing who's reading your blog. My sister in Utah called to tell me that one of her co-workers wife reads my blog. How the heck did they find my blog!!?! My sister didn't tell them and I assumed only family and close friends knew about my blog. Like you said it feels a little violating. But I guess that's what I get when I put my life out there in big ol' cyberspace. Anyway feel free to stop by my but if you do you have to leave a comment! :)

    And I promise I'll leave comments from here on out.. now that we're friends and all :).

  5. Hmm, this makes me wonder if I count as a weirdo too since I really don't know you in real life either, lol. However, you have a super cool blog, you seem like you'd be super cool irl, and since Kendra says you're great, I have a feeling it's true.

  6. I know - I get that too where friends will know what I have been up to through my blog and I have no idea they had been checking it out!

  7. Nice way to provoke a dialog! After all the promotion for this blog, didn't you want me to check it out? I did (not lying). Now you want more. You want contributions, conversation, some interaction? I'm tempted to throw a slipper, but perhaps I should just go back to being a lurker :)

    I'll be back for more visits... you have some real gems on your site.



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