Friday, December 30, 2005

Goin' through my papers...

At the end of each year I like to go through my papers... shred the stuff we don't need, just see what's around. Check how our taxes are gonna look. It's such a nice feeling. I love the feeling of throwing old stuff we don't need away (that's right, psycho stalkers, I shred all the important stuff... so don't check my trash tonight -- Drew will be shredding for weeks), and keeping everything in check.
Do you feel Monkish (anyone seen the USA commercial?)
Yes, yes I do....


  1. We LOVE Monk! he's so quirky and great!!

    I love the new year. a chance to start afresh!

  2. I LOVE to purge and trash tons of stuff (old papers included) at the end of December. Remeber how I told you once about the crazy cardstock purging I did a while back? I don't have a shredder yet, however - it's on my January wish list!


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