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Here’s a picture of Conner and Mrs. Loeb, Conner’s student teacher who just finished up her “rotation” with his Kindergarten class and Mrs. Ross (silent cheer for Mrs. Ross).
Ok, here’s the REAL question, why on EARTH do you go to private school when you can have an AWE-some teacher like Mrs. Ross. Love her (said like that psycho 2 headed dragon on Dragon Tales — anyone know what I’m talking about here).
They did a gift exchange yesterday. We were supposed to bring a 5 dollar uni-sex present to class. One of the kids totally lost it and I just appreciated how great Conner was. He got a game, was just fine with that. I also appreciated Mrs. Ross for giving the kids the opportunity to show their grown-up skills of gratitude.
Went to a super fun party last night, have another one tonight. Feeling popular. I rock. :)

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    Congrats on being so popular!! That does rock!

    As for public school teachers, I had absolutley fabulous ones. I still have a special place in my heart for my kindergarten teacher. Teachers are awesome!

  2. says

    VERY cool. I HOPE my kids have teachers like that someday!

    And oh yeah, Weezie is the “loooooove it” half of the two-headed dragon ūüėČ

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