The Reason for the Season

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Well, puke-ville’s over. Glad to see that go… don’t let the door hit you on the you-know-what on your way out, Mr. Flu. So, today I hit the dollar store for some stocking stuffers. LOVE DOLLAR TREE. Period. Even got some Elmo wrapping paper for a soon-to-be-very-excited Mr .Spencer.
Then, we went up to the Oakland temple for a production called “Behold the Gift.” It’s kind of a modern dance rendition of the Nativity and then Christ’s visit to the America’s (which is what a great part of the Book of Mormon is about). I was SO amazed, Spencer watched the whole thing on Drew’s lap and seemed to love it. At the end when we were clapping, he was going CRAZY. I had two strong impressions during the show. 1. How hard it was for Mary to be pregnant by who KNOWS how and then how hard it was for Joseph to trust in the Lord and believe the angel and Mary. I think that more often we are like Joseph, left to just trust, and help out. The guy’s a winner, and I feel like a lot of churches leave him out of a lot of the festivities. 2. They did an amazing dance after Mary and friend go to the tomb and find-out that Christ has risen. I was really impressed as to how amazing that moment must’ve been for them. To know that he lives again. I truly felt the spirit and enjoyed the show. I know that Drew and the boys felt the same thing. We then looked at the lights around the temple and enjoyed the spirit there. Then, it was off to Fudruckers for burgers.
Woohoo… A good time was had by all and nary a thought of vomitola. :)

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    So glad the puke is gone!!!

    Sounds like you had an awesome time at the temple! that’s one of my favorite christmas activities, looking at the nights!

    And Fudrucker’s! Love that place. We don’t have one here but when we got to utah… :)

  2. says

    Sounds like an amazing show! And you didn’t even have to worry once about Spencer not being interested. So cool…little kids totally feel the Spirit of stuff like that. Love it.

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